Universal Maintenance

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This universe is God’s creation what more is there to say
and so everything that happens in it is a part of His play.
It’s only when something starts to go wrong on a major scale
God personally has to come down to make sure it doesn’t fail.

The world is not perfect though perfection is hidden there
and so every once in a while it requires God’s loving care.
This is also the general work of all spiritual masters and saints
who go about doing their sacred duty without any complaints.

To the people at large this may not be obvious though some would suspect
about the universal maintenance of creation by God and those of His Elect.
Even the forces of nature respond in accord with what has been laid down:
that original master plan which God adjusts every time He has to visit town.

These visits some say are very infrequent and thus too far in between
and so the world situation as it is now is the result which can be seen.
But it’s one of the paradoxes of life that destruction often preceeds reconstruction
and unbeknown to most God did come and leave again inspite of any obstruction.

But God’s not to blame for this as His Spirit is forever here omnipresent
it’s because of man’s forgetfulness of Him that precipitates His descent.
By living an unnatural existence in the world man causes so much harm
to his own kind and the harmony of nature which only raises the alarm.

If, as it is said that, the Earth is the centre of our known universe
then whatever bad happens here must have repercussions adverse.
Like the hub of a giant wheel which gradually begins to break down
the rough vibrations that follow on through are to be felt all around.

And so man seeks to escape from this world he is destroying
well before its own time is up - how the situation is deploring.
In selfish pursuits and mostly to satisfy all of his ignorant desires
man is turning this world into an ash heap after smoke and fires.

The signs are here for us all to see there shouldn’t be any mistake
that the universal maintenance of creation Some One has to make.
Especially on this world here, given that it’s the very centre of it all,
being the only place that we know of where man acts so very small.


Kenneth Maswabi 11 June 2020

It is a beautiful poem with emotional charges. I love it. Thank you very much.

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Houda Boukassoula 09 March 2018

The world is not perfect though perfection is hidden there man is turning this world into an ash heap after smoke and fires. I totally agree and hope that people can learn from the perfection in the creation of this world and think twice before adding to it any other invention.

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George Krokos 22 March 2018

Thanks for reading and your thoughtful comments Houda, much appreciated.

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