Unprepared Poem by Colette Dright


Yes, the government was unprepared
Brushed it off and didn't care
Dropped the ball, was slow to act
They knew ahead and that's a fact
Had ample time to protect us all
Ignored the warnings when China called
Pandemic Blueprint and team, yes they were left for you
You got rid of and didn't implement, now unsure of what to do

Most of what you're facing, you brought upon yourself
When things go wrong you quickly tend to blame on someone else
It's Obama's fault, it's China's fault, it's everyone but you
But the facts and evidence of what they were saying
Turned out to be so true
It's just 15 people, it'll all go away
That's what you thought, that's the words you would say
"We have it under control, " but that wasn't the case
Now thousands are dying in front your face
How could this be? The United States of America
Yo grandmother died and you can't even bury her
The White House is not the Right House and is in total disarray
So much chaos and confusion going on like everyday

Mayors and governors left alone to figure it all out
Bidding wars for ventilators, federal government wins no doubt
Leadershi_ or Leadership, I prefer the first
I've seen a lot in my days, but this is just the worst

The country is shut down, with nowhere else to go
But to the hospital, order take out, or to the grocery store
Businesses closed, for however long, God knows
Millions unemployed, the economy's a wreck
People waiting nearly 2 months for one stimulus check
This is unacceptable, no excuses needed
Hospitals overcrowded, people not able to be treated
Doctors overworked, tired and scared
They are worn and weary, it's too much to bear
Freezer trucks parked to store the decease
Thousands of cases on a daily increase
Makeshift hospitals in the Convention Center
Used as an overflow for patients when they enter

The world was moving extremely fast, might I care to mention
But God is saying to us all, Do I now have your attention?

Washing hands daily making sure to keep them clean
Social distancing and staying inside just to quarantine
Another version of house arrest is what it appears to be
But relaxing and quiet time, is totally fine with me

It's not about what I like, it's not about what I feel
Not being judgmental, just writing what is real
Unprepared? Yes, the White House dropped the ball
Lesson learned for next time, not to ignore the call
Unprepared? Yes, it definitely won't happen again
Emotionally, mentally and physically, our country will need to mend

Friday, May 22, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: chaos,confusion,deaths,disappointment,disaster,loneliness,politics,tired,unprepared,virus
Although I'm just posting this, I wrote this last month in April 2020 when thing were REALLY hectic in the world, lack of preparation, so many worn and weary hospital staff and front line workers, lack of PPE, the world on lockdown, family members dying alone, etc...
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