Until We Meet Again Poem by Jim Yerman

Until We Meet Again

The Cherokee Indians have no word for goodbye.
Goodbye is never said…
If someone dies or leaves
Donadagohvi (doe-na-dah-go-huh-ee) is voiced instead.

Hoping they will see that person
they know not where or when…
Donadagohvi simply means
until we see each other again.

I love that concept…no farewell statement
as one soars off to the sky.
No adios…no swan song.
No need to say goodbye.

There is some comfort in believing
they will again be seen…
no matter how long the interlude…
how much time or distance in between.

Of course if you followed the teachings of the Cherokee:
If you believe in patience, in lending a helping hand,
if you believe the land does not belong to you
but you belong to the land…

If you believe in balance, in working together
for the benefit of Earth and Sky,
if you believe in always doing what is right…
then when it comes your time to die…

You will see your loved ones gathered round you.
You will smile at them…and then…
as you look each person in the eye
you'll say donadagohvi…
until we see each other again…

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