Heart of Ice Die Die Die

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Unveil Me - Poem by Heart of Ice Die Die Die

Flip the pages
and unveil me.
Push me into the light
for all to see.
Try to make me
be all that you want me to be,
but baby,
you're going to lose.
Turn the pages
and soak in the words
my hand wrote
and hear the words
my mouth never spoke.
See what I am,
there's no fixing me.
Now that you know,
come and join our circles
and dance our dance.
Know all we know
and become all that we are.
Taste the forbidden fruit
we bear before you.
Taste what we taste
and see what we see.
Walk as we walk,
now you see
what it's like to be me.
You've roamed our world
as we roam yours,
you've felt what we feel.
You've burned and ached,
cried and stung
with us,
just as we have with you.
Tearing me the pages
faster and faster,
racing to the end.
How does this
twisted fairytale end?
But now you see
who you really are in the mirror.
You're me and you're him and you're her.
You've blended and diluted
yourself to be
the person before you.
Just as we have,
while in the light.
But when darkness reigns,
we dance beneath the stars
as ourselves and oursleves alone.
Screaming our names to the skies,
we don't have to hide here.
Just as we
unveiled ourselves to the paper
and to you
and to eachother
and to ourselves
we roam the night
as we please
happy to be free
even if just for the moment.
we are who we are,
don't try to fight it,
'cuz you'll lose.


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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

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