Because Of You Poem by Heart of Ice Die Die Die

Because Of You

Rating: 4.8

I cry silently inside
But you don't care.
You never do.
You enjoy my tears,
It brings you joy to watch me slowly let go.
Slowly let go of everything
And fall for a thousand eternities.
As I begin to stand up again,
You push me back down,
And laugh.
You smile with evident pleasure
As I stand up,
And let go forever.

~*Random Nightmare*~ 02 June 2009

.....Omw! .... can relate to that.....That was really captivating and very breath taking...Astonishing..I can't think of anymore big words!

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Kayla Daley 12 June 2009

I understand this i was bullied as a child people would put me down because i am so different from them and to make themselves feel better but once i stood up against them it ended!

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Karen Kerubo 26 October 2016

interesting poems you have written Heart

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Cristali Araguz 13 March 2010

damm... thats deep..

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giggling wonder 14 December 2009

sounds like a past boyfriend that was verry mean.a bit depressing for my tast but verry poetic

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 04 August 2009

what a..... short but .... Oh, it's nice!

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Broken Heart 23 July 2009

no words to describe it.... awesome poem! ! 10+

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