Broken Beyond Repair Poem by Heart of Ice Die Die Die

Broken Beyond Repair

Sick of being alone
even when I'm surronded by people.
I'm crying
but no one cares.
They don't even offer me a glance.
I seem happy,
but really
I'm hurting and broken inside
beyond repair.
Nothing can save me now,
but no one cares.
Not a single person.
So empty inside,
I know things should be hurting more
then they are
but they don't.
And therefore
I know I am broken beyond repair
and that no one cares.

Special thanks goes out to Alyssa Ray, or as I like to call her Muffin. For being there while I wrote this and putting up with me and all my bi-polarish mood swings. Love ya man! ! ! !

Patrick A. Martin 04 August 2009

You broken? ? ? ? ? Rachelle you are one of my favorite young poets you tell it how it is and if this is how it is today then you are honest to that and that honesty is your great strengh... I love this piece and I love you. Stay well Rachelle we all love you in poetry Ciberspace

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Kieran J96 29 July 2010

dont forget that thers always be people who care

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Kuji Soliman 18 September 2009

lovely poem...wonderfull!

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Mystic Indian 10 August 2009

what many fail to realize, is that when someone's broken, she's left to herself and her heart yearns for a caring shoulder, or a warm hug or someone to hold on to.. just to return to normalcy as soon as possible.. we are still humans.. not made of steel.. we fall, we fail and we rise again.. very human - strong emotions.7/10

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~*Random Nightmare*~ 07 August 2009

Rachelle! ! ! Remember when I wrote the poem broken beyond repair? I've also said the sentence that you pretend to be happy? ? ? Now, I feel sad: ( Very good though

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dr veenaa rai 05 August 2009

no one stands for you but your own self... my poem 'alone' will speak to you on this...take courage...start afresh...cheer up...lovely write..

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