Up High In Aspirations

What more can be said.
Whether to agree,
Empathize or sympathize.
To people,
With their stubborn heads...
Held up high.
In their aspirations defended.

Unfamiliar they are,
With discipline.
Respect to give it.
Or the meaning of sacrifice.
Done to step aside,
From thoughtless selfishness.
To even express,
Seconds of concern...
For anyone else.

Breathing, greedy...
Leeching deceiving people!
Calling themselves patriots.
Yet more seen to be patrons,
Of decadence, immorality.
And filth that betrays,
The wellbeing of humanity.

'OOO...someone got up,
On the wrong side...
Of the bed this morning.
I wonder who that could be?
Should I drop any clues?
Or perhaps a few hints? '

And if you are referring to me,
I could not sleep.
Thinking how,
These days...
There are so many people,
Accepting ignorance...
As if the latest fad to imitate.
And worship it!
I have noticed...
Your absence,
Of a common.
You either lost or don't use! '

'About that bed I mentioned?
Unlike you...
I don't sleep alone.
And when I sleep peacefully?
You can bet,
Not a second or minute of it...
Do I spend,
Being awakened or disturbed.
By who or whom,
Have their heads...
Stuck up high in aspirations.
Their own aspirations.

Not mine to want or wish...
Them to have.

You have a good day,
With issues not yours.

By the way,
You might want to try...
Taking what really matters.
Into your own hands.
Or hand.
Your preference!
This distraction may for you,
Be a reliever.
And who knows...
Beneficial too! '