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Upstairs And Downstairs

This world, In which we live, Is like a skyscraper, Needs an elevator, Some live upstairs, but Some live downstairs, If that skyscraper does not Have a pretty elevator, then What will happen to those Who live in the highest upstairs? Of course, you have to take the Side stairs or there is no way To reach your flat or your floor, Elevators are pretty arteries of These high skyscrapers, but sometimes There is no power in the skyscraper, So no choice, but to take a side stairway, We, step by step, get higher and higher In our buildings, but some of them have no Elevators to go up to our flats or floors, Life is getting more harder and more difficult And a lot of people can not take the stairway Because they are old, sick, or unable for many reasons, Our life is like these upstairs and downstairs And we need ways to get to where we like, Hard time imposes itself on us, so We try and try to get the point, We suffer everyday trying to be or not to be, but There are a lot of burdens get themselves on us, We try and try until we manage or perhaps we fail, We're eager to to be or not to be, then we get what we want or we shut down like the things around us.