Vacate To The Vacation Poem by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Vacate To The Vacation

I may as well concede the obvious. I was an incorrigible workaholic,
Who was always so driven to succeed, that working replaced all frolic.

I was the co-owner of a business, along with my lifelong best friend.
Together we'd worked our way up, as the burnt sunset hues will blend.

While I was an overachiever, Ruby relished her appropriate downtime,
As the pearly full moon appears appropriately, just after dinnertime.

We had been impoverished in our youths, and had no yearning for more,
As a ship so long adrift at sea, is longing for other gilded shores!

Ruby was always nagging me, to finally take a well deserved vacation,
For life is not solely all about work, but also tranquil aspirations.

But I held to my own notions, and never heeded Ruby's advice at all,
As the darkness is never heeded, when pale moonlight begins to fall!

It was the most beautiful day of summer, and I'd left for work early,
Vivid blooms greeted the sunrise, as damp dewdrops glistened pearly.

But alas, when I reached my office, there was a padlock on the door,
And gone was that welcome mat, indicating I was not welcome anymore!

Ruby appeared saying she had chartered, a plane for my solo vacation,
And a three week getaway was arranged, down to the hotel reservations.

She said the time had come to vacate, so to show a little enthusiasm,
Like enthusiastic purple butterflies, when in their fluttering spasms!

Ruby said my office would remain locked, until the vacation was over;
Also to put all work from my mind, and live it up before I grew older.

I was very touched, and what could I do, but hug and thank my friend,
Like myriad varicolored blooms, hug earth through seasons without end.

And deep down inside I realized, that I was more than a little pleased,
Like sensing silver clouds are gone, and that those storms have eased.

So I went home and I began packing, for departure the following day,
Looking forward to it in anticipation, as of tangerine blooms in May.

Very soon I was on the chartered plane, and headed for a sunny beach,
Like a seagull continually squawking, when it sees the shore in reach.

The pilot was young, nice and friendly, and we hit it off right away,
As garden and gardener unite, for the love of a cream colored bouquet!

Soon we were above majestic clouds, and the skies were turquoise blue.
Vivian and I kept up steady dialogue, as relaxed, I enjoyed the view.

Not in awhile had I felt so carefree, cruising the lanes of the birds,
Like getting so choked with emotion, the tears begin falling downwards.

Vivian and I had become great friends, and enjoyed the island for days,
Before we were eerily drawn back to the plane, as blooms to sun's rays.

Having lost control of the itinerary, we were shocked and so perplexed,
Slaves to the capricious will of a plane, was it luck or were we hexed?

After boarding, the plane took off on its own, like lovers having a spat,
But the next destination was so exotic, obedience seemed where it was at!

There were repetitions of this pattern, of high times in foreign lands,
Before the plane drew us back as a magnet, royal destiny changing hands.

I knew deep inside me, I was making up, for the leisure times I'd missed,
As when suitable words suddenly fail you, and you say it all with a kiss.

I sensed that the plane we were on, somehow slowed down passage of time;
And that we'd not return home until, I relived all my hours of overtime!

So while we're savoring a trip around the world, I am writing my memoirs,
Hoping many learn from my mistakes, that rest aids in reaching the stars!

Vacate To The Vacation
Friday, July 16, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: fun,couplet,fantasy,friends,vacation,places,relaxing,time
Photograph courtesy of Daniel Eledut from Unsplash
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