Various Things Happen Daily - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

In cold Winter the stove coughs up and The soot breaks into all rooms, If there was a grill, then Chestnuts were ready, The teapot, and The coffee kettle... Mothers used to use the ashes a long time ago To wash clothes in the urns and in the others Things, The orange clay used to be as an alternative To shampoos to wash heads, Rains used to be the water to make The lentil-soup, Rice plus lentil's meal with salads were the Best a long time ago, The water which used to come from taps was Nasty and its taste was unacceptable, There was the black-white TV and The moving pictures were the best, The refrigerator was not available a long Time ago and we used to buy ice bars from the Ice Factory... My late dad used to cut the watermelon and he Used to let it in a tray to get cold, The simple life was dominant and It got changed, then People got changed after They owned money and No one could talk to them... Many things are still happening around us and We see the with our naked eyes Simply we are still alive... _________________________________________________ ____________________________

This is a translation of the poem Various Things Happen Daily - اشياء متنوعة تحصل يوميا by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 6, 2015

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