Vegetarianism Poem by nithya raghavan


When the blood spills out,
From the split neck of a cow,
When chicken’s beaks
Are broken and cruelly pulled
Out, when fishes are pulled
Out of their homes,
To be placed dead,
In the deep freezer,
We feel the nightmare,
Rushing across on the wind,
That spreads its wet footprints,
On our silent minds,
Making us like demons,
That kill animals, deplete
Forest reserves, tainting them
With animal blood.

We feel that aggression,
Is the best way of life,
In addition to killing biodiversity,
We also kill ourselves,
We kill the peace,
The joy within, the contentment,
That herons experience
When they gaze over backwaters.
We think that our thoughts,
Make us superior on this planet,
And with the “gentle” smile,
On our faces, we watch the
Lamb surrendering its life,
Even when it is half-alive,
To the ocean with its water crystals,
That accept it, feeling disturbed.

How can we watch animals,
Consuming more grains and
Feeding famine into hungry lives?
How can we watch cattle,
Slaughtered mercilessly, when this
Creation of God must coexist
With us, like the flowers
Along with sky and earth?

Becoming a vegetarian,
May seem a very
Inferior thought, yet,
It is like the rain,
That pours out its song,
Even when the lightening and
Thunder strikes the planet.
It makes us feel deep,
Profound peace and silence, as if,
We were sitting before,
The warm fire on
A cold, windy afternoon.
There is no harm in
Feeling that we make
The ocean and the waves,
Inseparable and purer,
There is no harm in
Feeling that we are a
Part of the animal kingdom,
When they photograph their
Existence with us,
There is no harm in
Feeling that purity is the
River that gurgles in
The waterfall of our conciousness……

Roshni D'Souza 28 March 2009

Beautiful piece...strong message!

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