Waiting For You Poem by nithya raghavan

Waiting For You

I stand here,
Waiting for you;
The poison tree
Has grown within me,
Numbing me of my
Own emotions, the red
Snow of pomegranates
Roll down the river of
My blood. The boats
At the sea, wait
For the lighthouse to
Spread its streaks of light
On the sea, which is the
Colour of black oil, so that
They course through their
Respective paths unafraid.

Somewhere, in the deep
Ocean of my soul,
Lies an open book
That bears the heaviness
Of my letters and words,
Like the porters bearing luggages
At a railway station. Fishes and
Sharks torment me,
Bringing me back those
Verses that I wrote
In my long wait for
You, and lost it as
I decided and knew,
That even though my
Wait did not end,
I chose to end it.
Scarce did I get
A chance to see
Your face, except
In my dreams, like
An Orchid that grew
Near raging volcanoes.

I was and am
An autumn leaf,
That floats in the wind,
Waiting to be brought
Back to life, raised
In deep velvet silence,
That is often broken
By the sound of guns.
I wait to be sprinkled
With dew drops that
Will awaken me from
My arduous slumber
In an abstract cradle.

My eyes not only see
Within me, a cubicle
Space, walled by mirrors,
But also the entire world
That slowly awakens, to
Find you missing.
The stars with their
Burning gazes, quietly leave,
For they too have had
A long wait of earnestness,
To hear a word from
Your mouth, that gives
The feeling of a feather
Touching our minds.
Millions of eyes open,
At the sight of
The navy blue, merging
With the orangish yellow,
That produce rhythmic,
Mellifluous footsteps on those
Backwaters, at the break
Of dawn, to just hear
Those bells tolled by you
And colour the divine
Soul, with your forceful,
Yet, soft music………….

Catrina Heart 28 August 2009

beautiful craft shared.........Thank you! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Lalitha iyer 28 August 2009

We were waiting for the end to near my dear...................when will the waiting be over after these volumes of verses............brief writing will better do......

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