Vietnam - G.I. Refrain Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

Vietnam - G.I. Refrain

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Ah yes, Vietnam
Remember it well
Just eighteen
Not more than a lad

Like the rest
Serving my country
Counting my days

Ah yes, remembering
The ladies of the night
And the 'GI Refrain'
Known far and wide

'I love you too much''
'What's your name? '

Rows of bars
Nameless streets
Just ships
Passing in the night

Body counts
Taking ears
American bodies burn so bright

Plenty of booze
Drown the pain
I just want to hear
That 'GI Refrain'

'I love you too much',
'What's your name? '

Sunday, July 2, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: war memories
Written 3am,20 March 2017, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. The heat and humidity here remind me of Nam, (Served there May 1966 - January 1968) . Its been fifty years, but, now 'I'm back'.
Kim Barney 21 March 2017

Hank, I think this is the darkest, saddest poem you have written yet. The heat and humidity really are getting to you over there, aren't they? Thank goodness you will be coming back to the States soon! No humidity here in Utah! Seventy-five degrees and sunny today. A few clouds and light breezes.

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Dennis Spilchuk 30 July 2019

A very sincere & deeply moving poem with your recitation. Wonderfully done.

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Dennis, Thank you for your comments! ! I had been able to block out the past for 40 plus years. But, now, much older, I can no longer hold back the past..

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Kim Barney 13 July 2017

Nice addition, Hank, with your voice reciting the poem.

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Darwin Henry Beuning 21 March 2017

Kim, yes I am sure it is. One of my quotations says it all, Part of me died in Vietnam, part of me never came back. The part of me called Innocence. Looking forward to returning to Utah.

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Bri Edwards 29 July 2021

But I don't see a way to hear what you once recorded, your poem in your own voice. Perhaps it is another feature of the 'old' PH which did not survive PH's restructuring in Dec. of 2020. : ( bri

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Bri Edwards 29 July 2021

Ok, i read ALL of the few comments shown below and i recommend them to future readers.

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Bri Edwards 29 July 2021

I NOW SEE I LEFT TWO PREVIOUS COMMENTS. SEE COMMENT below from 2019. And i LIKE your reply to the comment from Dennis. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 29 July 2021

Yes, having grown up 'during' the 'Vietnam Conflict'/War, and having read several books dealing with the subject, I'm familiar with 'body counts' and 'counting ears'.

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Bri Edwards 29 July 2021

'I love you too much' is some of lyrics of a song. I like the poem and will probably use it in a showcase soon. bri ;)

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