Life In America Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

Life In America

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American Society

Is very unforgiving

There are few, if any

Second chances

Regardless of your age

Or the time which has passed

A question which every job application has

'Have you ever'

You've paid your fine

You've served your time

Ready to begin life anew

But then, again and again

'Have you ever'

In America,

Misdeeds are not erased

They always remain

Staring you in the face

'Have you ever'

I dedicate this to the millions of American Citizens who never had a second chance to better their life and began life anew.
Weldon Davis 11 January 2016

I can relate to this poem wholeheartedly! ! After I caught my first felony; my life since then has been a nightmare.I'm 35, in good shape, have good work ethic yet I can't get a job no where...Simply because of the things I done in my past..It's really hard to live like this, but I have done it so long now (10 years) that it has become second nature..Now I do believe some people never change, but there are some of us that are qualified to work yet can not...We really have limited choices when it comes to survival..We can either A) go back to crime or B) collect welfare or C) Start our own businesses...

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Darwin Henry Beuning 15 January 2016

Weldon, You're right, life is not fair. On your job applications, attach a copy of this poem. Everyone desires a second chance. Always be positive and never do evil.

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Roseann Shawiak 04 February 2016

Wonderful portrayal of a person having made wrong decisions when younger, but learning from them. Still not being given a chance to prove their worth and the truth of what they now say, since turning the corner and beginning again on a blank page. Very sincere and in depth portrayal of inner strength that you possess. Stay true to yourself, never give in and never back down, you will find a door opening into a new life of promise and hope for you. Really great poem, silently inspiring and gentle. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Darwin Henry Beuning 11 February 2016

RoseAnn, Thank you for the kind comments. I was active duty Air Force and was assigned to the Air Force ROTC unit at the University of Utah for three years. We turned away soooo many worthy young men and women because of one mistake when they were younger. Quite sad. If you have a chance read my poem Robert Bowe Bergdahl. Sincerely, Hank

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Hannington Mumo 28 August 2020

A rather minuscule literary treatise on the world's number-one civilization's other side...for even proud pachydermatous titans a soft underbelly have. Elsewhere, the entire little opus exudes tons of long-seasoned wit and fine-nectared twists of nuance. Thank you for serving us this characteristically sumptuous poetic bite, my very own treasured comrade - worthy Mr. Beuning!

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Savita Tyagi 26 March 2020

More affluent societies get more unforgiving they become. Very thought provoking poem.

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Michael Walker 22 February 2020

A strong poem, which centres on the intrusive question, 'Have you ever'. A person deserves a second chance -except probably for serious crime-but how often do they get it? So many are serving 'a life sentence' as you wrote in a quotation.

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A B Faniki 15 September 2019

A honest piece lace with a bit of reality. Thanks for sharing such McCoy poem.

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Darwin Henry Beuning 16 September 2019

Thank you for the comment. I wrote this in 2016, but it applies to every year since.

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Tom Allport 09 July 2017

a poem of reflection on a society that has blatantly failed to give some of it's citizens a second chance? ...........wonderfully written.

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