Wake Up With You

Rating: 4.2

I always knew
that some day
I would find you
and love you.

And it came true
perhaps against
all odds of reason
but it came true.

And every morn'
I am a happy man
simply because
I can wake up
to you.

Oh, that things
could last
and beyond.

The day
must come
when God
will call you
so that he
can have you
there, with him
each morning
when he wakes

I don't begrudge
because I know
the why of it,
but not the when.

Though I will not,
that fateful day
wake up
without you.


Thank you Herbert I enjoyed this very much. As Raynette said you made me cry as well because if you are very lucky you have that one relationship that lasts a lifetime...even though we don't know when that will end.

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Raynette Eitel 14 July 2005

I think you know that most of what you write makes me laugh. This one, of course, made me cry. You touched on the closest relationship...the one that is to last a lifetime, but of course we don't know how long that is. Bless you! Raynette

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 14 July 2005

Beautiful Herbert. Loved it. Thank you.

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Nice! I like the simplicity of this write! Well done, Herbert. And thanks... L

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Allan James Saywell 14 July 2005

this is a great insight into the joy of living out a mans days with his better half herbert i like this journey with your partner at the door of death itself and your generosity in your willingness to share your experience with God Warm regards allan

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