Walking Into A Screen Of Raindrops Poem by Sarah Mkhonza

Walking Into A Screen Of Raindrops

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Making sure the dollar umbrella is open,
I walk into the world protecting my
head, ears and coiffure. The rest of me
throws my body in denims blue, that
change with each droplet.

Thoughts racing, I walk to my domicile.
sure that life is a wet affair today.
When the coffers were dry, I cried torrents, what will I cry in this
wet affair, where my denim shoes are
muddied up. Shut up and watch this in
my bed, I whisper to my wet denim wra
pped body. Next time, wear a raincoat and
for life is a storm. Watch what remains after it is gone. Disgruntled twigs separated from their source, wishing they
could have put up a better fight. Don't
let it happen to you, this big rip off.for you will get a shower you did not ask for.

To be showered walking on the road is not
for the feeble hearted. They are schooled in being prepared,ask their heart. For me, I now hear raindrops from afar. I get under cover. I will not have a repeat. While the screen is blue, I will be prepared.


denims change color with each droplet..

Sunday, November 12, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life,lifespan
Mj Lemon 14 November 2017

Each raindrop marks the passage of time. Perhaps we do not notice it, but at times the drops rage and the result is a torrent. Ignoring is now done at one's peril. A great lesson taught in such a subtle, magnificent way. Terrific poem, Sarah.

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Savita Tyagi 13 November 2017

Lovely poem. Fight for struggle is always there but the thrill of being out in rain is its own reward. When it slips I know life is slipping by me. Thanks for sharing.

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