Walking Through History, Vol 2 Poem by Matloob Bokhari

Walking Through History, Vol 2

Poet: Matloob Bokhari
Country: Pakistan
O lovers of knowledge and seekers of wisdom
Come, come to the valley of Hanging gardens of Babylon
Come, come to Wadi Al-Salam,
See the spirit of civilizations
Revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike
Resting in peace are here the apostles of Allah
Teaching interfaith harmony, giving message of fraternity
Come, come to Najaf, the city of wisdom, center of knowledge
See the supernatural miracles in a natural world
See the testing evidences and symbols of Allah
See the Light of heaven and earth is teaching,
'Remember me, I will remember you.'
See Adam repenting to please God
Abrahim praying, preaching Oneness of God
Hud commanding the winds
Nuh building ark in the sea of desert
Saleh splitting open the rock, revealing camel
Idris, teaching reading, writing and tailoring
Ayub being tested with a variety of trials and tribulations
Khizar teaching Musa wisdom at the spring of the water of life
Muhammad, the ocean of love, crying, 'Hussain, O my dear Hussain, O love of my heart, O light of my eyes
My heart weeps for you.
Ali, the knower of the secrets of Allah, proclaiming 'Ask me before you lose me,
I am more aware of the paths of the Heavens than the Earth'.
O those who are deeply rooted in love
O those who are whirling in ecstatic addiction
O those who have set their souls on fire
Come, come in the world of Light,
Come, come in the waterless desert of Karbala
Karbala is the freedom of life and soul of Islam
Karbala is a place of greater sacrifice
Karbala is the love of Abrahim, faith of Ismael
Karbala is the patient endurance of Ayub
Karbala is the sacred heart of Isa
King of martyrs is Hussain,
Kingdom of lovers is Karbala
Come, come to the world of love
Come come see here the reward of the doers of good
Here in the water of zam zam
Is blended the thirst of the desert
Here water is crying,
thirst, thirst, O intense thirst
See Hussain, the reassured soul,
Sacrificed all and achieved all
Come, taste one sip of the Divine wine here
And drop all the masks which separate you from the Lover
In the world of light, everything is ecstatic,
Everything is joyous, everything is beautiful
In the shrine of love
Sulaiman, Meesam, Abuzar, Bilal, Miqdad, Habib are servers
Here Bahlul, Mansoor, Shams and Rumi are whirling in ecstasy
My soul tasted a sip of the holy wine
And drowned in the ocean of silence
Love lent beauty to my soul
I danced with the sounds of rain
Hussain, I love to sit at your door for an eternity
Here all my false notions have turned to ashes
No sorrows
No joys.
No griefs
No comforts.
No fear of hellfire
No greed of Garden of Eden
I worship Love out of love
I m content in the heart of hearts.
I m the king of the world.

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