Wasteland Poem by Matloob Bokhari


The hordes of beasts loitering in ignorance,
Made a deal with devil for their sinful sway.
Then, entered into a city of crown of culture.
Acquired worldly wealth, secured places high.
Ruled people with the help of poison and sword.
Hysterically hate of theirs chilled blood in veins.
Subjected intellectuals to terrible atrocities.
Terrorized, persecuted and humiliated females.
Savagely and ruthlessly murdered challengers.
Violence turned play land into an arena of war.
Rigid dogmas gave a brutal blow to liberalism.
Bigotry burnt volumes of logic and astronomy.
Orthodoxy jeopardized freedom of reflection.
Prejudice transformed gardens into wastelands.
Hatred dried up all flowing rivers of land.
Ignorance turned off all the lamps of light.
Standing on stones of rusty ruins, I heard,
Bats, rats and spiders cursing and saying,
Where is your ill-gotten money, your courtiers?
The stones here were speaking in a language mute,
Shame on rulers cruel who oppressed humanity.
Swirling mists, howling wind, ancient dust were crying,
Where is your splendor and glory; where cruel life?
Pale death beating its wing was screaming loud:
There is no room for hatred in the heart of truth,
Lives in temples of hearts; reigns in castles of minds.

LidiMendelsohn: xThis really is thought provoking and creative. The metaphors are just right.
LaSoaphiaQuXazs: xYes, you are right, however I see the lesson for everyone where they are. It sure looks like that the rich did not get their money on hard work or being honest, but be sure they will get what they deserve sooner of later. I saw these before, but now I know everything happens for teaching someone. When we stop willing, wanting, became grateful what we have, doing our own mind, then we find the happiest life ever here and now.
Sylvia Frances Chan: xThis is amazing rich vocabulary for one poem, my dear friend. Rich metaphors too, my compliments for this wealthy worded poem. GBU Abundantly.
Sylvester: amazing work... your words put me in a dream state.. u are true as a writer..
Lasoaphia: I see you are the real poet, who has golden words, which I like very much. It is good to meet someone who is dwelling on beauty and harmony and Paradise.
Lyda: This really is thought provoking and creative. The metaphors are just right.
Roger Pullin: A weighty and sincere analysis. It is sad that humanity seems to be slipping into a spiritual dark age as the masses are hypnotized by the impermanent material trappings and fundamentalist mind traps of this age...

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