Walls Poem by Darlene Walsh


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Walls are everywhere in every life
Do we let them close us in
Or do we have the courage
To open the door and walk through

Most walls are our own construction
Walls no one can see
That doesn't make them any less real
Or less difficult to pass

Some walls are good in life
They help us keep good order
Others are a barrier
Preventing our full potential

I must do this, I can't do that
I'm sure, I must not waver
I'm too good for him
Or not good enough for her

I can not leave, the world will end
I can not stay, it will be the end of me
I can not quit, I need the pay
It is the only thing I know to do

I'm too young to think like that
I'm too old, that's long in my past
All barriers to our accomplishments
Walls stopping us in our tracks

Is there a door to let us through
Is there way around our own walls
Is it different for each of us
Is it different in each life

Strength to move ahead
Courage for the first step
Bravery to save your heart
Hope that brings in light

Saturday, December 6, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Inspire by the closing comments of Harry Dresden in the TV episode of The Dresden Files titled Walls. The walls in our life can certainly be more than physical barriers.
Hans Vr 09 January 2015

Excellent poem about self-imposed barriers. Some barriers are good but as stated so nicely in the poem, let us make at least a small door in each of our walls

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Amitava Sur 04 January 2015

It's a lovely penning on realization. She or he who is conscious about this wall is able to build a proper life....... very nice

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 18 December 2014

Nice poem strength from within that shall offer you win look around and go ahead you shall be surely lead

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Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 06 December 2014

Strength to move ahead Courage for the first step Bravery to save your heart Hope that brings in light An optimistic poem on barriers and barricades around life and power and strength to encounter them I ejoyed it Well done Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

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