Wandering Wordsworth In Srilanka

Rating: 4.7
I wandered lonely as a cloud over Srilanka
That floats on high o'er vales and hills
when all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of dying humans;
Beside the trench, beneath the trees,
crying and moaning in pain.

Enormous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never ending line
Along the margin and inside the No-war Zone
Ten thousand I saw at a glance
Trembling and weeping over their kins corpse.

The armoured vehicles and fighterjets shelled,
But they outdid the army in scream
A poet could not but cry for action,
Looking such a cold hearted genocide
I cried....and cried....but little thought
What agony the show to me had brought.

For aft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood
They flash upon that inward eye
And put me to shame for being human
And then my heart with bitterness fills,
And to lift my pen against the arms.

(This poem is my dedication to all the innocent Tamilians who are being killed in Srilanka)
Aparna Sinha 27 July 2009
Nice work done (Daffodills is my favourite poem) but Alas..this one is filled with so much of pain! !
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very heartfelt write...please read my 'human shield' on the same subject
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Dr Hitesh Sheth 13 May 2009
The armoured vehicles and fighterjets shelled, But they outdid the army in scream.................Oh a sad adaptation of Wordsworth's poem.......A Poignant Write......
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Reshma Ramesh 13 May 2009
sad............well penned......when will the war end...?
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Mario Rios Pinot 12 May 2009
Powerful poem, maybe a protest poem? Shelley the English Romantic Revolutionary also wrote a protest poem, I think its called, 'Men of England' and asks them wht they manufacture the guns that are used against them, its a short poem. I should have looked it up, maybe I will. A political poem. Was this fermenting, or festering, its got a sarcastic feel to it at times. Thank you.
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What a great poem! Can we call it a parady? ? ? ? Shocking! But I wonder, whether both parties to the war are equally responsible for this genocide.........LTTE using civilians as human shield and the merciless Lankan Army..............I never read a poem of this class...........so beautifully emulated another classic.......so perfect...so painful
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Nic Leisure 12 May 2009
very nicely done with this poem i gave you a 10+ on it. keep up the good work
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Eyan Desir 12 May 2009
Good write Dear poet thanks
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Lalitha iyer 12 May 2009
A tragedy is not a single day's output, the seed venomous sown ages past watered and blossomed with hands foreign, multitudes littered, multitudes filtered, the story is an uncompromising legend, not to end without shame and stain kids bleeding heart is curdling head is reeling hands are trembling save the innocents scrawling like worms hot is the sky, hotter the shelling spy earth is pained cruelties are mounting heartless, inhuman once again Hitlers have sprung from the roots of History books how to wipe evil without wiping good when it rains it rains for all when it bombs it kills one and all who is the right who is the faulty are they focussing the ethnic minority or the tigers of liberation freedom at the moment of death liberty from the hands of perennial torture from the hands of self and aliens when living is painful death is the only salvation who will give the refugees land who will clothe them who will feed and fund them what could you do when the fence eats the crop or crop outfences when you are in an alien land where you multiply without curb voices of freedom will seldom be heard for you are the camel in the shelter camp discretion should play decision now well delayed after massacre saving is no use before the war evacuation is wise after deaths hue and cry is not in taste.
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Lee Crowell 12 May 2009
a reminder of the horrors of humanity
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