Want Me To Write U A Luv Poem? ! Poem by Hali Curtis

Want Me To Write U A Luv Poem? !

want me to write u a luv poem

Love is sweet
love is sour
love is warm
love is cold
I hope our love would last long
till the end of the world
Ur love feels warm
i want u to hold me tight
sleep under the stars with me
hold my hand infront of ur friends
kiss me like u mean it
and never give up
so u want me to write u a love poem here it is
I love u
do u love me
or r u using me
no abusing me
no cursing at me
just sum sweet lovin
do u have that for me
if so ur my Man!
and this poem is for u
Our love will make the whole world jelous
ur mom might hate me or even ur dad
but if u love me thats all that matters!

Jazz Annis 16 June 2009

wow that was good...keep up the writing!

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Alan Curtis 14 June 2009

Sick write cuzz....just dont put that luvy duvy sht n it.... Peace out, Rage'n Cage'n

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Jorydan Gap 08 January 2008

.....nice its a love story....or is it? just kidin

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Hali Curtis

Hali Curtis

las vegas, Nevada
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