Open Ur Eyes! Poem by Hali Curtis

Open Ur Eyes!

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Open ur eyes
do u see wat i see
I see a man
he said to me
'one day well meet face to face'
I love him dearly
and when we meet
i'm gonna jump right into his arms
i'll never wanna let go
hes so sweet
and so friendly

I fell in love
he made me think
and showed me love
I never knew I was that special
to be in love

Why must I be in so much pain
I love him
I want him to see
that he is loved
by so many people

I wanna hold him
I wanna kiss him
I wanna love him till i die
I love u can't u see
ur a big part of me
i'm begging u
i'm on my knees
will u love me
the way I love u

Open ur eyes
do u see how lovely u really r
Open ur eyes
Open ur eyes
Open ur eyes,
Is love blind
cuz I can't feel it
or see it
wats wrong with me
I wanna know
Wats wrong with me
wats wrong with my heart
its beating fast
its turning red from black

whats happening too me
it happens everytime I talk to u
Open ur eyes
Open ur eyes
Can't u see
I love u

Flame6203E . 29 September 2007

great poem filled with an unknown lov and much emotion i wonder who it's about? i bet it's not me

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Rommel Filoteo 28 September 2007

a very emotional poem! Just always remember all the fun times you spent together, show your love. Just love him the best you could & don't expect anything in return.Someday he will notice that you are special, an angel sent by God.

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Madly In Love 25 September 2007

Hali, you are an amazing poet. Your poems are filled with so much emtion, good poem..10

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Anna Galindo 21 September 2007

many keep there eyes closed scared to see whats out there when what they have been searching for is right in front of them. nice poem!

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Hali Curtis

Hali Curtis

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