Have Fun Poem by Hali Curtis

Have Fun

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life is short
so is love
be happy the best u can
have fun
party around
be goofy
no messin around
have fun is wat i mean
so go out and play
be a kid again
don't be ashamed
havin fun is wat i do
no blamin me
i'm a ball of sunshine
happy all the way trough
i'm here for u
no matter wat
even though i act weird
like a kid
or stupid
i still understand
so don't be shy
or nervous
just be u
have fun
life is way to short to be poutin
or regreting anything
live life with no regrets
HAVE FUN! ! ! !

Angel of Darkness 26 October 2007

lol I love this poem... me and my bestfriend Dakota are crazy we act absolutly rediculous and we could care less what other people think of us... like i told her when i am on my death bed i wanna look back at my life and be able to say i had a blast and i wouldnt change a thing! ! XOXO, Kolee

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Flame6203E . 29 September 2007

and sometimes it's really hard to have fun

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Rommel Filoteo 28 September 2007

well penned. It's really a romantic piece. I really like it!

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Madly In Love 25 September 2007

Hali, I love the poem and i agree we should all try to relax more and 'Have Fun'

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Hali Curtis

Hali Curtis

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