War Poem by Clinton Siegle



Art destruction by ISIS is shame to Muslims

Reality is culture shown without destruction

Time is culture shown without shame of destruction

Syrians run away from shame

You are about to bring shame

Reality is shame

Indeed you are shamed

Art destruction is shame

Flee Syrians from evil

Live life within love of laughter of good

Eternity is coming soon evil or good

Evil is to when for a time before good

Run away from evil

Unique is to be foretold your ending for good

Need a reminder be good?

Syria forgive me please

You are a republic to do as you please

Reality is civil war is bought, paid for by US a republic please

Indeed evil is shame in this republic of US funding ISIS please

Almighty pray for the US please

The funding of ISIS by US is disgusting and should be stopped

Reality is the US is still funding disgusting ISIS in Iraq

Unique how evil is US with allowing ISIS within Iraq

Time will tell how evil the US is with Iraq

How come can the US not fix Detriot instead of spending money on evil?

The destruction of sculptures by Muslims is something disgusting

Holy is the destruction of a history not made by Muslims is disgusting

Eternity will remember Muslims destruction of art as disgusting

Art is worth reviewing about reality

Reality is time showing us people's culture history of reality

Time is shooting dead within the destruction of art in reality

A billion for Syria civil war

No billion for public foods programs in the poverty US war

You hear of billions for ISIS in 2013 now billions to fight them in a war

Bodies in the thousands 2015 in this war

Openly not caring for Americans but murdering Syrians instead for this war

Dear creator how evil is fiat money when creating a civil war

You realize shame is shame evil is evil and money is the root of this war

Why can the United States fund a war with a republic?

When the USA cannot fix Detroit in its own republic

Where is all this fiat money coming from in this republic?

Who is being robbed maybe social security of the republic

What is to be said for a free Syria a Republic?

Repeal funding for civil war within Syria's Republic why fund evil?

Evil is funding a civil war within a republic when all they want is to live without evil

People pray for peace in the republic of Syria where Christian babies are evil

Evil is the shame of the republic of USA when funding evil in Syria

Almighty pray for peace for who lives in Syria

Live life within laughter of peace for Syria

AIDS by a jihad AIDS

Indeed a girl willing to spread herself for Sunnis

Dear religion of Allah spread herself for AIDS

Sunnis paying for the prostitution of AIDS to Sunnis

Please people stop war in Syria

Live life better within love of Syria

Eternity will remember your love of Syria

AIDS in Syria is shame for those sponsoring AIDS in Syria

Syria flee from AIDS within Syria

Eternity is wronged when sex is forced for AIDS in Syria

Stop the war in Syria

You know you need to pray to stop the war in Syria

Openly AIDS is death in Syria

People pray for Syria

Wrong is the war of Syria

Almighty already tells of Damarcus being destroyed oh Syria

Reality shame is a war we know cannot be won in Syria

Syria runs away from war

You can run away from war

Reality runs away from war

Indeed cry for help from Russia against this war

Almighty protect those good from evil in this war

Flee from war

Live life without war

Eternity will remember you for war

Eternity will be sad to loss you to war

Art destroyers shame on you

Reality is culture shown by art within you

Time will tell of the destruction of art from you

Monday, September 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: sad
"Until now I'd lost all hope with life's little experiences, " is what I said to my psychotherapist. I had been seeing him for a month now. Lost two months of work, an ankle, and my hospice experience I was still trying to cope with. The near death experience of flesh eating bacteria was still not even brought up. I was still trying to get into a better frame of mind on how a doctor had sent me home to die. Miracles happen everyday they say. I am a living example of that.

The hospice stay had happened right after losing a foot long three each cut from my ankle up towards my knee. The flesh eating bacteria had not been spotted or correctly diagnosed to begin with.

My story to the psychotherapist I went to the doctors office. I had moved recently from Texas to Utah and was having issues with my body that I could not understand. At work my boss had recently asked me to fudge a three million dollar mistake which my mind could not handle. To do the work I went in on an off Friday. I got in and was sick. I went to my doctor. My glucose levels were high 300 but considered normal if on medicine. The doctor told me to exercise. So being a good person I went and joined a gym right from that doctor's office. I had changed clothes so upon joining I worked out. Lifting 10,000 pounds of weight. I then discovered that the locker room was dirty beyond compare. So instead of showering I went to the movie theater and watch World War Z.

During the movie I felt a bit on my ankle. Thinking nothing of it I continued to watch the movie. After the movie I went outside and throw up in the parking lot. I got home showered and noticed that my ankle was large and hurt when I walked. Thinking I must have sprained it I put it up for the weekend and did nothing. Saturday and Sunday I did not eat much of anything and did very little work around the house. My family was away on vacation so other than feed the fish I really did nothing.

Monday I went into work. I was sick. I went to an Emergency Medical clinic. They did xrays and declared me okay with some pain medicine. That night I started to throw up everything. Water at least three gallons, food, everything. I went to an emergency clinic a few blocks away. They ran some tests and ambulanced me over to a hospital.

At the ICU I was placed for two days before being moved to the terminal cancer wing of the hospital. My body could not handle whatever was going on. I lost 11 pounds in seven days. I got tired of wearing diapers because I could not hold anything in so I covered myself and had a paper wrap to remove the shit.

The doctor did not seem impressed. In fact five days later he let me go home on July 3rd. I got a very hot taxi ride to home. There I was sick. My neighbors seeing me called the fire department and were concerned. The fire department showed up and listened to my story and told me to walk it off.

The nurse a couple hours later showed up to set up an antibacterial drip after seeing me and checking me she gave me 15 dollars for a taxi ride to the hospital. I showed up July 3rd at 1158 same day that I had been released. July 4th they discovered the issue that my ankle had died. They removed a section of my ankle up towards my knee.

Upon waking up a nurse came in and said are you ready. Being not sure of what she meant and interested I watched. She grabbed the gauss on my ankle and pulled it all off the area. Upon seeing my ankle bone I fainted.

For the next couple of weeks they kept me in the critical wing due to not knowing why I continued to throw up and have diarrhea. My body was having acute acid reflux enough that I lost 10 more pounds.

Upon their discovery I was moved to a old folks home. For two weeks I wandered the halls and thought that the place was a miracle place. I could not sleep so walking or limping on crutches I would pass people at 4 AM and wave to them. The next day they were not there. I did not understand. Then one day at 3 AM I was walking when the clean up crew was there taking out the bodies of the people that I had just waved to an hour or so ago to. I was in a hospice.

I stopped walking as much as I had. I started watching television. I watched all the antique roadshow, and reality shows that were on. My depression was bad at this point. The medicine they gave me was wild. I started talking to people that the staff could not talk with. You ever wonder what people that no one can understand talk about? Gossip about who has passed away, why the staff forgot someone for lunch, showers if one was given one or not and who the staff liked and did not like. Now imagine all this communication being done in front of the staff and the staff not hearing any of it. Wild as I got better I started asking the staff to remember people that they forgot for lunch and other people. But I got better and they moved me out of the hospice wing. With the medicine withdraw I started to not understand the people that I had been with for the past three weeks.

My job called during this time and dismissed me. To say my mind was hard up was an understatement.
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