War Has No Age For Freedom Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

War Has No Age For Freedom

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There's eternally something more than wheel the soldier to the mission
Don't shoot while you characterize it
If not, you'll fail the mark
All was at peace, the ones you fought for were ventilating so far around your fossa
The murdered people are sorting
Sudan bewails for its dead civilians across the soil, and spirits are plunged in the cause of liberty
there is regret up into the undying planet
And a highness that sparkles upon our tears. Notch shall not onerous them, nor the years fulminate
At the stepping down of the sun and in the aurora
You will remind them
You don't shuffle with your loved ones
You shut the eye beyond Sudan's spume
As the stars that shall be vivid when you are dust, moving marches upon the celestial plain
as the stars are astral in the time of your duskiness
To the destination
To the last you continue
In your hearts triggered timeless hope as a revel outbreak like cracking rockets
So let us be beholden
No welter in pain
Let us make your sacrifice worthwhile
And assist with inclination
Raise its apex to the blows of the rain
Though you are mad and dead as nails
heads of the figures gavel over daisies smash in the hot till the sun gets down
And murdering shall have no supremacy

War Has No Age For Freedom
POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM A written poem is on Sunday,20 August 2023. This poem captures the fighting for democracy and shows how the experiences of Sudanese people have been stuck in wartime The latest data from IOM's displacement matrix indicates that the clash between the Sudanese army and paramilitaries has uprooted a staggering number of people, with more than 926,000 seeking refuge abroad and a total of 3.02 million internally displaced. A bunch of Individuals have been forced to leave all of Sudan's 18 states. Those with the highest proportions of displaced people are River Nile (15 per cent) , North (11 per cent) , North Darfur (9 per cent) and White Nile (9 per cent) . There have been the majority of internally displaced individuals,71 per cent, who originated from Khartoum State. It has been emphasized that the current estimate of displacements over the past 108 days surpasses the total recorded for the previous four years. But it also noted that access to many areas remains impossible because of the fighting.
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