Waterfalls Ambleside Poem by peter rodenby

Waterfalls Ambleside

Rating: 5.0

Rhythmic tapping of shoes
Ascending a hillside pathway
Following a sheep ragged track
But seeming like impenetrable steps
To a sacred heart.
Unexpected wind wriggles free
Reaching, probing a weakness.
A tree sways, creaking musically,
A forgotten oboe tune.
A hint of snow
Comes from the mountains
A fine white dust
Slipping between
The bare twig bark
Hungry naked arms,
Stretching out towards the sky
Quiver in expectation.

An almost imperceptible drone
Follows the gurgle
Of a turquoise stream.
But slowly lazily,
The drone becomes audible
And the overture begins..
Water music bursts forth,
Shaking air
In a tumultuous explosion.
A cataract shaped like women’s thighs.
A torrent divided gushing down
Twenty feet,
Emerging into foam.
Spattering on rocks below
In the damp, restless air of the fall.

Esther Leclerc 05 March 2006

Very nice; the first half of the second stanza speaks to my own experience in particular. Thank you.

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Solomon Brook 27 January 2006

I shall have to concede, that perfection is being beckoned by this poem. Incredible flow and substance control. You definitely nailed a command of imagery here, beyond what I've seen on the other poems. Impressive. Good thing you experienced that scenery, it has comforted me just now. Thank you.

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peter rodenby

peter rodenby

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