We Can Kill The Tyrant Poem by Barry Middleton

We Can Kill The Tyrant

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We can kill the tyrant,
but we cannot kill tyranny.
For tyranny dwells within
the selfish human heart.
Yet we fight another war
to change the inevitable.
Death will not bring peace,
will not bring virtue.
The poets have no answer.
The gods remain silent.
A child is born;
its primal cry is indignation.
An old man dies,
and curses men and gods.
A final blasphemy
has settled in our souls.

We Can Kill The Tyrant
Thursday, June 2, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: tyranny,war
Manonton Dalan 02 June 2016

western world always use this word tyranny to bring down foreign government but always failed to bring peace on that area however arms dealers made lots of money and we mourn deaths of many...when western world leave it will go back to same as it is and poorer... it's all business war machines must be use at all cost and if it cost to help the enemy to keep it going might as well.

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Barry Middleton 03 June 2016

Many in the west oppose these interventionist wars - especially the youth. As far as tyranny goes, it is not confined to a point on the compass.

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Nosheen Irfan 02 June 2016

Full of wisdom. This is so relevant in all times...war n tyranny have been the scourge of human life through history. A great piece of writing.

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Barry Middleton 02 June 2016

So much a part of human history that I fear we will never be rid of it and that is the final blasphemy.

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