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I wish that I had written you
when I was young and strong and wise
I knew that I would never die
I'd face the world without disguise

both are like the falling leaves
a tale that no one ever believes
a passing season and a lover


Big psychotic eyes and vicious beak,
you convey terror to the lesser species.

Feathers askance like a professor's hair,

there are so many things I did not say
I may have hinted once or twice
but that is not enough

my sole meek wish was
to be naked as the rain
to be eloquent as the rose

I cherish early morning,
the lonely time.

To wait and watch the glow,

if love is a promise in spring
so love may as surely take wing
for springtime must end
though lovers pretend

I save the bits and pieces of the past
the trinkets and the faded photographs

disheveled like the windblown autumn leaves

Some are made of arrogance,
and some are made from steel.
Protection is imperative,
so all must raise their shield.


I know they retired
my favorite word,
why I never will know.
But I plan an attack

I might, I can, I will, I must
that's all I know that I can trust

I could, I shall, I guess, I may

the relevant secrets elude me
the tree of life and knowledge
alas banned for unknown motives

Because he coveted beauty
above wisdom or power,
death would be his destiny.
Wisdom may have saved him.

the one I loved has gone before
a diamond in the night
she rests amid the silent stars
and hidden from my sight

the window moon is bright
the muted world is still
and there is peace within
but night has brought a chill

I lost you on a chilly night
in autumn

now only in my dreams may you


Come walk with me this final mile,
and grant to me a parting whim.
We shan't go deep into the woods,
or stroll the main street in the town.

if ever he did speak in words
for long he has been mute

and yet there is a whispered wind

when the thunder spoke
it was like the sound of war
but I do not fear the thunder
I fear the lightning

protect me from the wind
that lately threatens death
protect me from despair

Barry Middleton Biography

I was born in 1946 in a small town at the edge of the Mississippi delta. The town and surrounding countryside would have been great subject matter for Norman Rockwell paintings. Much of that landscape and many of my experiences there are reflected in my poetry. As time progressed I realized I was blessed to have been born in interesting times and in an interesting place. I was educated in the parochial school system in Mississippi and graduated High School in 1964. I attended Spring Hill College in Mobile Alabama and graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale Illinois with a BS Degree in Psychology in 1969. After graduation, I worked as a school teacher in the then segregated African American school system in my home town and later as a social worker in Orlando Florida where I worked with all kinds of troubled and abused children. In 1987 I graduated from Rollins College in Orlando with an MA Degree in Counseling. For the remainder of my career I worked as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Venice Hospital, in private practice, and as a group specialist at Sarasota Florida’s public hospital. But the most important accomplishments of my life have been watching my son grow up and having the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream to write and especially to write poetry.)

The Best Poem Of Barry Middleton

Letter To Myself

I wish that I had written you
when I was young and strong and wise
I knew that I would never die
I'd face the world without disguise

but as I pen this note to you
I have grown old and tired and weak
but I recall that hopeful youth
it is to you that I must speak

I can but say what I was told
to quietly sit and watch the crowd
and see the good and evil there
and think before I speak aloud

and though I wrote it long ago
I would not take my own advice
and that has put me on this path
with wishing that I had thought twice

I've come to believe I was untrue
to one I should have loved the most
this shadow of my former self
this youth transformed into a ghost

Barry Middleton Comments

Nosheen Irfan 07 March 2016

Barry is a prolific writer n has written on many topics. Like others i too find his poems very inspiring. He has a knack for saying a lot in a few words. His poetry is calm n soothing. Keep writing n inspiring.

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Barry Middleton 07 March 2016

Thank you so much Nosheen for the kind and encouraging comment.

9 5 Reply
Heaven's Authority 29 January 2016

I hope you don't mind, I will be watching your page for inspiration :) love your poems!

10 4 Reply
Barry Middleton 30 January 2016

Heaven's Authority, I don't mind at all. Glad your find them inspiring.

8 4 Reply
Alexandro Johns 29 January 2016

Great poems and natural as life. Congratulations.

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 31 October 2018


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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 31 October 2018


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Aqua Flower 31 May 2018

Barry, I do miss you terribly as many might feel the same on here. Your presence through your poetry was so enriching. Your love of nature and the world never ceased to amaze me. I never said goodbye to you, couldn't find the right words to say, I know you are at peace now, my friend. You are one of the angels now. Aqua Flower (Rainbow flower now)

3 1 Reply
Practicing Poetess 02 April 2018

Barry, we will always love you...... We miss you terribly....... The site will never be the same without you. Be at peace, dear friend and master poet.

4 1 Reply
Caroline victory 13 November 2017

I hope you get this Barry, I loved your book- your old riff on parlane- that was funny! My email address is:👌🏻

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