We Lay You Down To Sleep Poem by Bill Galvin

We Lay You Down To Sleep

Today is the day, plus a year,
When your body was returned to the soil.
I recall when we carried you here,
When your soul cast away its mortal coil.

Snow was deeper then; darker the nights;
Flurries fall gently the day I sit nearby,
Looking back at a spirit that had that Light;
The scene is peaceful, amidst stoic sighs.

We lay you down to sleep that day,
And I see the little girl you were all your life.
The young and innocent, happy at play;
Just hoping, praying, for a little less strife.

You did not get all that you prayed for,
But you still sought The Way anyhow.
You created a Spirit bought and paid for,
With love, trust, truth, and a vow.

Always the little girl, a child-like presence,
With meditation and prayer to calm inner strife;
You sought and found a spiritual essence,
Which was aid and comfort to your daily life.

You saw only the best in an unfair world;
And took everyone upon their word;
You endured the pain as your life unfurled;
Still, only the sweet was what you heard.

A simple spirit, with no mind games;
Some felt that she was just too naïve.
She leaves herself open, some thought, to pain;
I say, she had the fabric for an enduring weave.

She wove her tapestry upon her loving loom;
With most pleasant threads coloring her blend;
Weaving birdsong, sunrise, and flowers in bloom;
It was ever so easy to call her your friend.

Always searching, and bettering yourself,
Even as your body disappointed you;
Never content to sit upon the shelf,
Your Soul expanded, and you both grew.

Seeking, working toward heavenly grace;
Accepting all that life would hand you;
Smiling blue eyes, and a laughing face;
Brightening our days, more than you knew.

So, then, we lay you down to sleep,
As you gave your soul for the Lord to keep.
One of angels to watch us through the night,
To keep us safe till morning's light.

We lay you down for your final sleeping,
And saw the Lord take you to his keeping;
And if we should live another day,
We have an Angel to help guide our way.

We lay down to rest our lovely little girl,
The one singing outside on the swing seat.
The seas we travel gained another pearl;
We sailed with one of the best we could meet.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: remembrance
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