Bri Mar

'' We Only Came Here To Borrow Some Sugar '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Hubble has detected some movement in space,
As yet the scientists are unsure,
Could it possibly be from an alien race?
They can’t say, as it’s far too obscure.

Could it be a planet or an exploding star?
They’re saying no its movement is controlled,
The speed it is travelling is really bizarre,
The power is something to behold.

As it draws nearer they detect more than one,
They’re now saying there’s an entire fleet,
The religious are saying the end has begun,
Very soon we’ll be swept off our feet.

The worlds in a panic, mass suicides abound,
Some believe that God is returning,
The effect on Humans is just so profound,
Throughout the planet their stomachs are churning.

Once again our race are torn and divided,
As one group get ready to fight,
The other says over futile wars we’ve presided,
When will we ever see the light?

As they enter our domain we shout open fire,
Without giving them a chance to talk,
The consequences for us turned out to be dire,
What happened next came as a terrible shock.

Our weapons were useless against such awesome power,
The aliens were stunned by our manner,
Looking down on us they gave us a glower,
As we all sang the star bangled banner.

When the Human Race was almost destroyed,
They turned to me and asked why,
Aggression among Humans is to be enjoyed,
Even if it means we must die.

You’re all bloody mad the aliens said,
As I took aim at my head with my luger,
Your warmongering actions have filled us with dread,

‘’ We Only Came Here To Borrow Some Sugar ‘’

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