We Survive Poem by Scarlett Treat

We Survive

Rating: 3.2

Not one of us
Wants to admit
Death will come
To all of us,

Or that all we work for,
Or dream about,
Will soon be
Turned into a memory.

The only hope for all of us
Is to be remembered
For brilliantly penned words,
Or Kind Thoughts or deeds,

Or children who remember us,
And write kind words
About our lives - - -
In this, we survive.



Thank God, for Death...for without it...we remain as is...forever...with our worry, angst & stress.....God knew betTer when HE tossed Michael, and gave him the HEAT! ...A Solid Penning, indeed.... FjR

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Melvina Germain 07 July 2007

Well I admit death will come to me and I welcome it more some days than others. I agree that the remembrance we leave through penned verse is a lasting memory that can be read over and over again. To be fortunate enough to have children that would write about you or speak of you in a kind and loving way is a blessing. I think we just have to realize that death comes to all of us no matter who we are and it is a part of life, with death we gain an everlasting life, a life without fear, Excellent poem Scarlett.--Melvina--

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Scarlett Treat

Scarlett Treat

Jug Fork, Mississippi
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