The Innocents, Co-Writer Ron Dragano Poem by Scarlett Treat

The Innocents, Co-Writer Ron Dragano

Rating: 3.2

Did you forget me in the woods,
left with empties in a green trash can
with the screen on top?

Did you dropp me off on your way to work,
or lose the map of my geography,
or run out of gas on a one-way street?

Did you bury me?
Tell me it wasn't in a dumpster
that you put me in the ground,
where the worms will love me.

Did I challange you
more than you were able to stand
when the complications of your life
followed you home at night?

Was I a life not meant to be?
Did I ever have a chance
to survive your heartache
or your loneliness because he left?

I was the innocent one,
yet I paid full price
for the mistakes made
when you loved so innocently.

Chuck Audette 30 June 2006

Everyone below has written wonderful analyses of this poem. Kudos for creating such a disturbing and intriguing poem, you two. -chuck

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Charles M Moore 27 June 2006

Interesting collaborative write, one of the best I've seen, More than one innocent here, stemming from inner anxiety of the subject, Though part seems to be in a softer veil works well.

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Alison Cassidy 27 June 2006

Scarlet, This is such a sad poem. It sensitively juxtaposes the horrific imaginings of the 'innocent' child against a compassionate concern for the 'innocent' union that created that innocent. Again I hear a familiar angst in your words. Very moving and well written Oiseau Rouge. Love, Allie XX

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Uriah Hamilton 26 June 2006

A very intriguing piece.

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Jerry Hughes 26 June 2006

Redboid, yer dun gud...

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Tanya Stanford 02 October 2008

Enjoyed this insightful piece. It really made me think. Lovely work both of you.

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JoAnn McGrath 05 January 2008

Thanks for pointing me at this is a Treat....: O) ...well done by the two of you...a great read

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Melvina Germain 19 July 2007

Oh, here I go with my two cents worth, I figured you for the last two stanzas for sure and was uncertain about the others, I feel you both did a superb job here on this marvelous write. I felt the poem was about a lost child, one that was not allowed to come into this world and if they made it through it was for an extremely short time. Now this child not allowed to live on this earth lives in spirit

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Robert Howard 24 September 2006

I say: Miss Scarlett in the last three stranzas with her word processor.

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Max Reif 02 July 2006

Wow, you really touched a nerve with this one! It brings to my mind (though I know it's an intimate, personal poem) analyses I've read about American foreign policy, how much damage has sometimes been done, as in Vietnam, through what's been labelled as a kind of innocence or naivete'. (That's putting a less dark face on it than would some, I realize.) The relationship among three people, in which TWO who have loved innocently have been hurt, is indeed intriguing and powerfully suggested.

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