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Wednesday Never Came (For September 11th Victims)

Rating: 3.4

It is the fortune of poeple
that the shadows
of our futures do not
lie heavy
on our minds.

We go about
our lives with
no worry for the future
that lies in wait,

with its pain and sorrow.
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Duncan Wyllie 11 September 2006

I think that this is such a strong reminder of the love that we must try and share between our-selves, and I agree with Ernestine when she says that we must try and live without the fear, Love duncan X

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Sylvia Spencer 11 September 2006

Scarlett What a great rememberence for such a sad day, beautifuly written cheers Rosiex

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 10 September 2006

Well, and appropriately delivered....That Tuesday, September 11,2001, which will Woe it's 5th Anniversary Tomorrow, will most assuredly be remembered with the great astounment, and sadness as long as their is a United States Of America... A sosberly fine Tribute, Scarlett. frank

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Ernestine Northover 10 September 2006

They say never go to bed on a quarrel. Everytime someone goes out the door, we never know whether we will see them again. But one mustn't dwell on this, but something like the twin towers devastation makes one think deeply of how we live our lives. A beautifully written piece Scarlett, very thought provoking and emotional. Love Ernestine XXX

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nn mn 10 September 2006

Touchingly beautiful. The same can be said for Sunday/Monday. Monday never came for those who were killed at Pearl Harbor. No less a vicious and infamous attack on a nation at peace. (Might want to review for punctuation & spelling - 'people', for example. LIKE I NEVER MAKE TYPOS, OF COURSE! (WINK!)

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Esther Leclerc 12 May 2007

Solemn truth for all in this poem... Life and death both often take us by surprise. I will try, again, to live more mindfully with this reminder. Thank you for this (and for your wonderful book on the subject) . Love, Esther xxxxx

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Joy Vanderhelm 30 March 2007

A touching and well-expressed tribute to all those without another Wednesday. Well done. Cheers, Joy

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Charles M Moore 18 September 2006

Excellent and beautiful, one of the best I have read regarding this subject.

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Linda Hepner 17 September 2006

A sermon in a poem. Wonderful reminder never to put off what might lie heavily on us 'tomorrow'.

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Alison Cassidy 15 September 2006

A sober tribute little red one from a fine poet with an enormous heart... love, Allie xxxxx

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