The House Beside The Road Poem by Scarlett Treat

The House Beside The Road

Rating: 3.2

The house beside the road,
Where people lived
And children played,
Is empty now
And falling down.

The echos of happy feet
Are heard now,
Tapping to the sound
Of Poppy's fiddle,
But the house beside the road
Is empty.

When a gentle voice
Is heard in the house,
It's only a singing breeze
Sifting itself through
The cracks in the roof of
The house beside the road.

Chuck Audette 04 June 2008

a lovely image this captures, blending past and present with an eye that sees all. -chuck

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Alison Cassidy 28 June 2006

Scarlett, This poem evokes memories of childhood and decay with a gentle whimsy which is very appealing. love Allie

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Esther Leclerc 27 May 2006

Quite simply, another poem by Scarlett Treat to love and enjoy always. Thank you.

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Danny Reynolds 24 May 2006

Nice to think we leave a little of ourselves in the fibres, to be wafted around from time to time, and there'll be folk left to pick up on them. Danny

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Duncan Wyllie 23 May 2006

Amazing! The Hauntingly Beautiful 'The House Beside The Road ' what a wonderful piece of well structured art to behold Brilliant! ! ! ! 10 Love Duncan x

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Scarlett Treat

Scarlett Treat

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