We Will Remember You Mother Africa Poem by Anthony Onoja

We Will Remember You Mother Africa

Who shall sound the trumpets
and ancient gongs?
To whom shall we beat these drums of beauty?
Is it in the arid of hot Kalahari dunes?
Beaten by the north winds of Sahara?
Then let us sit on wooden stools
along the horns of Africa and recount in our hearts
the beauty and fame of the Negros' world
the abundance coconuts of Mozambique,
the steepness of your beauty in Ganges of Rift valley
Hovering above the clouds, comes the tides of Mombasa,
lustrous are the posterity kinsmen of Botswana land
Home to the wild and tribes of Bantu
Covers by lilies and shrubs,
herbs for cure, grain for food
Mother to all nature, rich in history and culture
Then they came and made us mad
Yes, humble and entangles us with chains
They droves us into the endless oceans,
sailed us to lands afar off
Striped us off our humanity and freedom
amidst us in coast lands of Brazil, Haiti and Jamaica
There we long to see the sunshine of Africa
We lost the voice for folklore
told under the moonlight warm fires
Our hunting packs by naked warriors were now forbidden
Homestead to beautiful Nubia of Swaziland were now deserted
If you ever made it to the coast of Africa, remember these of us
The damsels of Ododua kingdom,
lust not after the jegida entangled around their waists
Never forget the pride of Itsekiri kingdom,
land to endless black gold
How we long to see the beauty of Benin kingdom
The tour gates of Kano emirate
Igbo kwenu! ! land of equity, enclaves of great Ezewanis
Remember fura da nunu, poundy and fufu,
Say hello to the great tribes of Ottamari and Fon,
land of great aquarium enshrine by talisman and voodoo
Above all were the chronicles of Ashanti,
land of rich cultural heritage
Stand still for the warriors of Bakundu,
Maka, Douala and Pygmies
Remove hats for bewildering antiquity
of Mongo, Luba, Kongo, and Mangbetu-Azonde
land of clear sounds and rock guitar,
advocate for African originality
Prostrate to the lands of ancient Pharaohs
lingering through the banks of Nile
Africa stood so tall on giants Kilimanjaro
Applaud the Mau-mau Heroes
of great Kikuyu, Kalenjin and Kamba land
In their diversity comes
the dancing steps of Luhya and Luo dancers
Battered by war and terror,
Africa lingered beyond the genocide of Rwanda
Admonished the bananas of Uganda
Never forget the pride of Tanzanian game reserves
The endless waterfall in seven mountains of Zambia
The rich soil of Zimbabwe beyond Mugabe
Braced by the coldness of apartheid
Sooty in the blackness of yesterday
Scrambled in the arms of warlords
Africa shall thrives like an Ethiopian Gazelle
Singing the songs of freedom from pain of oppression
Lavish in your diversity were your authenticity
Arise, stand like the giants in Everest
Enclaves in the union of Africans
Pan Africanism tuko pamoja as a family
Mon aim, in oneness we thrive
We wazobia into a future that is wondrously clear
Anchor by fate in twilight of Technology
We are the gift our ancestors gave to Innovate
the dreams and hope of the slave,
We live, they live, Africa lives

We Will Remember You Mother Africa
Dedicated to all men that lived and thrive in land afar off the coast. Always remember the African continent even as the moon shines, the sunrises and sets, the rain falls and the abundance, always remember those you left behind and the family of Negroes are one from time immemorial.
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