Wearily Woesome Winfried Poem by Paul Amrod

Wearily Woesome Winfried

Rating: 5.0

Wandering, drifting through the meadows to the Piccadilly Fair
Seemingly careless as a breeze blew gently through the morning air
Wearily Woesome Winfried was rolling his eyes harmless and so loveable
Nevertheless the cynics danced on his nose because he was so gullible
A victim of pranks exercised by a pair of deprived punkie delinquents
Leaving him wondering whatever happened to his token savior-faire
He began to doubt his methodology as he developed a speech impediment
He started to stutter occasionally leaving him hopeless and incapable
Taking the coldest shower to chase the rats out of his blooming brain
Shouting out in frustration against the futile and utterly mundane
Holding onto threads to keep this morbidness somewhat under control
The wicked world around him was didactic and looked forward to pigeonhole
his tiny existence as an inability to adjust to malignant predicaments.
A lack of humanism did smother the compassion which lonesome Winfried needed
as all modernism changed to feudalism resulting in goodness lost and depleted.
The paranoia was creeping in like a snake slithering underneath a Persian carpet
fabricating a heartless atmosphere with Wearily Woesome Winfried as its target.
Nonetheless he conjured the strength the carry out his worthwhile business
purging depravity from its grip upon him and healing a sickly decadence.
His purity of soulfulness and splendidly inculpable manner was irreproachable
Although he stumbled he rose again to acclaim he was mighty and prodigious
Nullifying the antics of his critics he never pointed a finger as his resilience
was impeccable warranting his self-esteem to blossom as positivity was obvious.
Learning to ignore preposterous statements with their tone quite bitterly jealous
he reawakened the possibility of forging his own path so wonderfully explorable.
His nickname reminded him of his sensitivity avoiding the uncouth and deplorable
and represented a reflex of misunderstanding although he decided to play this roll.
Returning this image within the definition of woesome he felt within his humane heart
and wearily in pursuit of happiness, Winfried defined his most special and intricate part
of healing a merciless society while transporting a charitably gleaming countenance.
Shedding his blessings upon a gathering of children who were filled with jubilation
he organized games for their pleasure which they performed in glorious excitation.
Playing the Pied Piper forgetting his immediate reality of finding little acceptance
he reveled amongst his compatriots receiving their glowing faces to entrance
his imagination as he dreamt of his innocent days filled with love and exultation.

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: comforting,compassion,doubt
Kumarmani Mahakul 24 June 2018

Returning this image within the definition. Peruse happiness in cleverness. An amazing poem is very brilliantly penned...10

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Paul Amrod 14 July 2018

Hi Kumarmani, I have been composing music quite often these days. Thanks so much for your appreciation, I will take a glance at your poems someday soon, Greetings, Paul

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Paul Amrod

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