Wednesday 09/12/2018 Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

Wednesday 09/12/2018

Evolutionary grows themselves and others around
although outside society will call you a domestic terrorist cause you capitalizing not like they are doing by the same rules and regulations they abide by righ? correct

a revolutionary uses violence to destroy and build and this type of thinking is because when they look at you from an upper level they consider you a Threat to their society no matter if you ain't messing with them or not cause they are inferior and do not know how express their intelligence to grow evolutionary except with their emotion(echoing)which is usually hate instead of common sense which is electricity
requiring them to be more active
sow they revolt against everyone in order to rebuild if they ain't like them

so once again Evolution uses business education and economics to grow of self first then their children cause an Evolutionary overstood that their own kind can save themselves and not nobody else from the destruction and just think about it for a second why wouldnt you?
if you answer anything other than common sense then for sure you are suicidal classified by their psychology
and see my cultures thrive on evolution that's why we are flying through high leveled schools and writing tomes like it ain't no tomorrow
our architecture is way more advanced than our last times like the Asians
see i never forgot the past so i could not repeat it
unlike the commonality of a warmonger cause eventually we become no label not even peace of the english languages....

Sunday, September 9, 2018
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