Weight Of Your Genius Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

Weight Of Your Genius

im turning multiple
like some of my Ancestors and Elders
i got a Masters Degree in Information Technology with concentrations in
Installation and Infrastructure
Network and Security
with one cert in the industry of IT
coming on a second one
with a Post Graduate Certificate or two
from an Ivy League College
i be the face of someone who can see
that yes they can do themselves too
with confidence
and honestly that is our reality
i can speak for us cause i am us as us is me
no matter who they are as we keep clpse to each other minus outside interference
sorry but im not
and we are not either
you gotta be us and at the conferences too
read our books
know our Soul
our Spiritual Oneness
and im only talking about the aware ones
im going for Business Administration with a focus in Finance and Accounting
though no cert for a reason
and then im going for Law (Land Air and Sea)
and if i get that Air Degree from Tuskegee University! im done
Chieftess Quet
just so many many many others seriously
i will be done here Western
then im onto Latin America and Africa
skipping Asia and the Islands for a reason
see everyone has their own path

my double life is being a Scholar
and if reaching to the Knowledgist aspires them
thrn i will go forward
although yet and still i have to drive when i gotta drive
fly when i gotta fly
sail when i gotta sail
see when you sexless you can do and bee all you can bee
and the freedom to travel and be me as my Ancestors to the people as just one of their reps i gotta rep us great cause we are
plain and simple seriously....

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: real life,real success
if you have to be "different" from society like then yes you are doing your job to the fullest and change people hate cause they are turned off and its okay to not say they are or not...being positive is just like Tulsa...they hate you when you minding your own business and they gon hate you when you ain't and they gon love amd hate you when you gon...we just exercise they never existed so no war ever exist with us ever again as its bad enough we have internal tribe conflict with each other and we putting that out too...add weight to your genius...and if you got your own food water and shelter then you all the way right especially for your family and ones to come...what and who could be wrong when you ain't doing nothing wrong? Well if the warmongers don't remember the past their going to do what? Repeat it...that's the truest Elephant lesson and it's to know who was once your enemy(ies) and where is your homeland too like the Elephants indeed protect your youth from the snakes cause indeed they are and we all know who these snakes are and if they come close to our walls which separates warmongers from us cause they got their food water and shelter i think and to be quite honest i ain't caring cause my attention is on my people and me and our cultures....who got time to keep up with so called enemies when you busy going forward? I don't...that's going backwards negatively..it's negatively childish...stay true
Error Success