Welcome To My Life Poem by jodi right

Welcome To My Life

I can feel you now
Your hand slowly moves onwards
Onwards to a new excitement
A new ecstasy of sensation
Following the voluptuous curves
You stop at each new interest
Filling desires, cupping my breast
Smiling you tug teasingly
I’ve become an object
An object to arouse

The mirror shows demons
No reflection familiar
Just a shadow of longing
They shout, “ You Whore, You Slag! ”
It’s not me, its acceptance
My body home to many beds
People talking, turning heads
Waiting to insult, waiting to judge
Its of their doing, they made me

I felt loved, precious, wanted
A false love that saved me
I had fallen, fallen deep into nothing
Eyes fixed by animal attraction
My face pasted with an image
An image made with colours
Red for seduction
Black for sexiness
Traditionally I was pure
Innocent with a virgin mind

Regret pulls on these strains
Thinking once I was beautiful
Deep green eyes, flowing blonde hair
The past vision weakens the future reveals
Strands ruined by onerous dyes
Sight drained by life’s traitorous ties
I’m to blame. Id forgotten reality
Id hidden away from this purity
Not searching, not allowing
My choice was the easy way out
Merely to fight for acceptance
I’m sold, sold to scavenges

This is my life

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