Truth Poem by jodi right


Rating: 3.8


Bounded to you by love
Separated from you by life
Young and foolish not able to see
To see, the truth that surrounds me

Pleasant playgrounds joyfully explored
Traitorous life foolishly ignored
Safe in your arms I felt nurtured
Pride in your eyes I felt accomplishment

Youth turning to independence
Innocence turning to experience
Ego ruling me, intoxicating my mind
Other people’s favours turning my own

The Beginning of my hatred begun
Your choice, my responsibility
Neglection I choose to squander
Help is not for me to give

Cowardness enclosing my mind
Wanted safety banished from me
Betrayed by your needed love
Loneliness is burden to me

Haunted by you presence
Desperate to ease your pain
Impatience becoming a constant friend
Resignation is all I abide

Despite is all I feel
Love lost in unforgettable pain
Ruined is my life
If this is truth, ignorance I advise

Gina PrettyBrownEyes 28 March 2005

good insights, tells it like a story being read aloud. very nice

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Liliana ~el 10 August 2014

Very well done narration of the transformation from naive, care-free, and innocent to betrayed, bitter, and hardened. Captures the progression of a life with craft.

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Sarah Bushell 29 April 2005

ur rite this poem sounds very personal,2 u i loved readin this it might b better than 7 whispers truth is brill. Go on girl

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Sylvia Spencer 31 March 2005

A wonderful poem, the words are beautiful, only you can express them that way cheers sylvia

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Agata Konopka 30 March 2005

There's such an obvious innocence in all your words, only time can tell if it will disappear, as I have yet to decide whether it benefits your writing, or diminishes it's potential

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Renee Lewis 30 March 2005

love your writing style and all our experiences help us where woud all these words come from that we're able to convey? another great job!

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