What A Way To Go! Poem by Elena Plotkin

What A Way To Go!

Rating: 3.5

There's his way,
And her way,
There's your way,
and my way,
There's the long way,
and the short way,
There's the right way,
and the wrong way.
There's the old way,
and the new way.
There's my way,
or the highway!
There's one way,
or two way.
There's some way,
and no way,
There's half way,
and all the way.
There's every which way
and six ways from Sunday.
There's even a 'this way' and a 'that way! '
But right now, I just wish you'd go away!

(c) 2014 Copyright Elena Plotkin

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: way
bri edwards 11 February 2019

it seems every one of four poems i've looked at are ones i've already commented on. i like this one AGAIN! ! i may use this in an upcoming showcase 'about funny', even if it isn't terrible funny. ha ha. bri (:

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Bri Edwards 17 November 2016

favorite line: But right now, I just wish you'd go away! ...............a tiny laugh here. haven't i heard that before? well, married 4 times, i've at least heard it three times! ! I Love this one! don't let any punk talk you into believing your poems are trash. don't! ! ! Brian Johnston took a poetry course at Stanford (in his 70s) and said 'they' said rhyming is not the in thing now. screw them! ! i like how you managed to rhyme EACH line. of course 19? lines ended in the word way. ha ha. bri :) one more before i get booted off for a few hours today.

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Bri Edwards 29 August 2014

DONE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ;) bri but first, i added it to MyPoemList. way cool!

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