What Exactly Is The Definition Of Success? Poem by John Delle Panlaqui

What Exactly Is The Definition Of Success?

What Exactly is the Definition of Success?
A student's academic achievement is always measured to be considered a good student, so it is a significant concern if their grades are less than 85 in each subject.
The first step is to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them. Who still needs to make a mistake? Who doesn't fall or give up? Students today find it tough to succeed as if failure is the end of everything. Losing meant learning from one's mistakes. Making mistakes does not diminish our personality. Nonetheless, it is a supplement to our experiences that serves as a lesson for us to learn more.
Second, we have apprehension of 'standards' or 'qualities, ' and we always imagine the obstacles faced by those who develop and believe in us as terrible. We may be courageous in the face of these obstacles. We're more frightened of falling since we're not 'socially in' when we fail.
Finally, we must remember that the accurate measure of success is facing and overcoming our problems with or without allies. We always imprint what 'others think and say' on ourselves until we lose our individuality.
What exactly is the definition of success?
To overcome your life's battles that only you and you can expect. Keep on, future successful professionals!

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