Josh Burnett

Rookie (Feburary 12 1987 / Germany)

What I Would Give - Poem by Josh Burnett

Here I sit again drowning in the pool of happiness with thoughts of you.
I can't help but to take that picture of your smile and just stare.
Although you are not here I can somehow feel you in the atmosphere.
I take a deep breath in and exhale and I can smell you in the air.
You ask me to never forget but how can I forget a woman like you.
I just hope that you won't forget a man like me.

I would fly to the moon and back just to hold you.
I will nemd that broken heart just to show you my love is true.
There's nothing I won't do just to stand with you.
I will climb the highest mountain and jump off.
Landing in a body of water and swim to the deepest depth.
Just to sho you that I care.

If you asked me to leave you alone I would walk away.
Not saying a word and hop that yo uwould follow.
I would try my hardest to change night into day.
Just to win your love into my heart.

The nights get so late when I'm thinking of you.
I don't get a wink of sleep.
And that's exactly the way that I want to keep it.
Just so that yo ucan't get off my mind.
I know that nothing could go wrong because you are my god-sent.
And the days aren't wasted with the way they are spent.
Sitting in a lonely house always thinking about you.
You may never stand by my side but at least I've got the try.

And I would fly to the moon and back just to win your love.
I will mend your broken heart and raise you up.
There's nothing I cannot do when I'm trying to do it for you.
I would fly above the clouds and crash on the land.
Just to try and make you understand.
That you could be my woman an dI could be your man.

If you wanted my love I would rip my heart out of my chest.
And I would hand it over to you without a second's pause.
Every time you looked at me I would give you a reason to smile.
And I would give you the time of your life that would be worthwhile.

And I would fly to the moon.
Just to take your hand and dance with you all afternoon.
And all the while I would tell you how much you mean.

To my beating heart you are the queen.
The only thing that I ever need.
You are the wonders of the world that are unseen.

And there's nothing that I wouldn't give.
I would give my life.
Just to get you by my side.

the tears that you cry I would make them die.
Just so you wouldn't have to hurt on the inside.

There's nothing I wouldn't give to you my angel!

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