***what If*** Poem by angel of passion 016

***what If***

Rating: 2.9

what if he doesnt c
that im me
what if he dont like how i look act or dress
what if i look like a complete mess
what if he thinks im shallow
what if he thinks im not smart enough
what if his mom dont like me (bad experience)
what if his dad or other family dont like who i am
what if he doesnt rele love me
what if im not pretty enough or athletic enough
does he rele want to spend the rest of his life with
someone thats not always perfect or is a total clutz
what if he doesnt like the way i sing or dance in front of him
what if we go on a special date and i do something
completly embarrassing
will u still love me if these things occur
dads love me but moms hate me
i dont know y it just happens im sweet and funny i introduce myself
right then and there im very confident not very shy
i like to have fun even if i get embarrasssed if ur not interested bc of this no one can stop me from being who i am
or just bc i love to skip down the halls or sing and dance
with my friends or make myself look like a complete idiot its just
me the way i am
not many girls can eat a huge large poutine everyday for 4 days
(i never finish them)
i loooooooooove cheeeeeeeesse and gravy who cares if i go from a size 1 to a size 80
accept me for who i am not for someone u want me 2 be

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