What Is Of Your Life 2 Poem by Deodath Debideen

What Is Of Your Life 2

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The facts of life
Get confused with dreams
Hope fills a false trail
And never fullfils it seems

Heaven may exist among the stars
Moksha may exist after death
What about the present growth
Of a Soul on a paths' that set

Are you just another demon
In the physical marketplace
Or are you an elevated being
Lifting up the human race

Religion and other programming
Gives you answers that's never true
You see no upliftment
There is no better you

All the best paradigms and theories
Of religion and of civilization
Ends in nought for the avid soul
Wrong pathways give not salvation

Infantile thinkers of times gone by
Could not grasp the truth
Their low level of consciousness
Was not far off from the brute

Pray and praise is the recipe
They claimed from the start
But then God has no Ego
So where is the spiritual art

Do rituals others said
Magical potions and incantations
'Tis a derivative of sorcery
Not a fruitful art of sin expiations

Such deception lies in religion
And the followers are caught
No light on the spiritual path
For with darkness they are fraught

So many paths claim to deliver
That which only knowledge can do
They only keep tribes and races together
But cannot rend the bonds of darkness askew

Earth is getting more and more evil
So what is religion able to do
Its to a more primitive time
That consciousness is being tied to

All advances of many hundred years
Are neutered by religion
As if those ancient bretheren
Had it completely in vision

This is the most enlightened of times
Pre-industrial societies were primitive
And though presented as holier periods
Were in more darkness than we believe

Vocabularies have expanded now
Science has replaced magic
Many leaps in knowledge have been made
Faith and hope is abandoned for the surety of logic

There is an enemy completely new
The Asuras and Rakshasas had their chapter
The financial elites have an ongoing plot
To control the masses and bring a New World Order

So take your heads out of previous programming
And out of customs and traditions too
No matter how good it feels or sounds
Therein is no salvation for you

The final proof is in front your eyes
The world is growing more evil
If we had the correct answers
Why don't we say farewell to the devil

There is a science of spirituality
That works and is yours to test
I may bless and give it to you
If you will give me rest

Ejaz Khan 08 November 2009

A long but rewarding write, without agreeing to all of your proclamations and statements, I find it a worthy write, consisting much wisdom and reflecting deep insight, thanks for sharing, deserves 10/10 Regards

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