Questionable Identity Poem by Deodath Debideen

Questionable Identity

Rating: 3.5

What, not who are you, is the question
On your identity
Though you are an invisible being
The system says you're the body

Protoplasm's just biological cells
Chemically bonded together
Sex by Mother and Father
God's recipe they did foster

Dead cells you are not
Neither are you living cells
The invisible soul in the head
That body-robot propels

Soul in a body alone
Is a seeker's obsession
Such luck is not possible
Satan comes in as a possession

Physical body that's inert
Until enlivened by a soul
Corrupted by evil in the flesh
COUP is its goal

The body is one fraction
Empowered by good and evil
Soul must fight with all its might
To retrieve its body from the devil

The inner sanctum of the skull
Is where the Soul is located
The remaining flesh is satan's home
Until the dark side is defeated

So WHAT is your identity
Which 'I' do you proclaim to be
Sometimes soul, mostly dark side
Fluctuating ownership of the protoplasmic body

So civilization has us fooled
By denoting I, YOU, and WE
Such denotation varies upon
WHAT controls the body

Everyone is not the same each minute
Do not expect anything different
Soul or dark side will 'behave'
As per which one is ascendant

We were born like this, my friends
In the battlefield of the body
If the Soul does not rise up
Suppressed it lives, unfree

Names are just another trick
To make you feel secure
Often it is the protoplasm they mean
And evidenced by a picture

Go beyond names and forms
To find the essence of the soul
Now you know why it must be done
Soul existence to unfold

Rakesh Bedi 23 October 2009

A deeply profound poem, sir....regards....

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 23 October 2009

I value your wisdom. well narrated the obscure things. my request to you is that you may read my poem ' the concept of the soul' and give your points. shan

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Ejaz Khan 04 November 2009

An interesting write on the resident within, really enjoyed your deep thoughts, the identity we proclaim in any given lifetime, is but an identity perishable, while the real identity remains hidden and it's that what gives rise to seeking and forces us to ponder and outgrow our present state of consciousness, thanks for sharing your thoughts! 10/10 Regards Ejaz

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Indira Babbellapati 01 November 2009

it may take some centuries for us to realize that 'human' is our only identity...

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Rajaram Ramachandran 30 October 2009

There are many theories about the soul. One theory is while Soul has form and is permanent, the body is formless and it changes every moment. Some say Soul is less than a fullstop or a dot seated in the heart and it can move about freely in and out. The more we think about the Soul, the more our heads break away. Your nice poem has kindled this thought from my mind.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 29 October 2009

a profound poem on the battle within....lovely

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 23 October 2009

Go beyond names and forms To find the essence of the soul Now you know why it must be done Soul existence to unfold......go beyound names and fames and this is what is ned of the hour... living in fools paradise will serve no purpose....beautifully crafted poemwith meaningful message to mankind....10 read mine donot garland me.. goback... i am disgrace... pulled from deep sleep...'

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