What Is Of Your Life Poem by Deodath Debideen

What Is Of Your Life

I could go to Heaven
If I knew the address
I could get Nirvana
If God would only bless

I could achieve Tao
And self-realization too
Enlightenment is such a bother
I wish I only knew

I live on Earth at present
But my eyes are on eternity
Heaven or another dimension
Is where I wish to be

Rituals and prayer I do endlessly
To secure my place when dead
In between I seek money
My family is well-fed

No-one told me about the lies
About that which nobody knows
Where is heaven and Nirvana
So I can wear those clothes

A strange and gentle man told me
That WHAT IS counts for most
See WHAT IS in front of you
Then figure that of the ghost

Walk straight, he said, no matter what
Religion spells division
Good people are of one clan
Spirituality is the reason

Evil beings go for easy salvation
While living depravity
Walk straight and then witness
Evil's stranglehold of society

Mechanical prayers and rituals
Are excuses for soul dedication
It is on Earth that heaven unfolds
For souls ready for salvation

Such souls will not have wealth
In Enlightenment they will exceed
They will help the poor and suffering
Because they have conquered greed

What heaven is there for seekers then
If you do not give present compassion
Prayers and rituals are dead pursuits
Unless you back it up with action

God rules in such a grand scheme
Earth is just a SPECK
Satan found here a fertile place
To conquer...what the heck!

With UFO's and cave drawings
We know that there's much more
Somewhere in the past of Earth
God's identity was sure

Locked into programming
By pundits, priests and prelates
Common man cannot calculate
The road from here to updates

No-one knows from where they're going
Or into what they wish to go
Magic fills the gap of spirituality
Sai Baba proves it's so

Face WHAT IS of your life
Forget the future score
Walk straight for the glory of God
Evil will cut you down, God will restore

Walk straight is the only formula
Prayer and rituals are just a societal remedy
Where you are needs more attention
Than where you want to be

Milica Franchi De Luri 04 November 2009

'I live on earth at present but my eyes are on eternity'.............it is always good to hope.........

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