What Shall We Do [rev] Poem by Margaret Alice Second

What Shall We Do [rev]

Rating: 4.3

A suppressed September 11 story: the Islamic
supremacist terrorist attacks were celebrated -
the massacre of 3,000 people delighted some
Muslim Americans, a story censored lest it led
to violence against ‘peaceful' Muslims

Al-Qaida posing as a fringe-movement ideology
of Islam; the terms ‘jihad, Islamic, Islamism and
terrorism' were banned; ‘War on Terror' became
‘Overseas Contingency Operations', and the FBI
was forbidden to investigate the various

Radical Islam breeding grounds - surveillance
replaced with ‘Countering Violent Extremism',
Islamists were given federal support in hopes
that when empowered, they'd reject violence;
well, this rationale for silence on radical Islam

Is admirable, but flawed: this problem can't be
solved by being ignored, it expands as terrorists
just need bigoted supremacist ideology to cause;
much harm - the 19 terrorists of 9/11 have been
celebrated by Muslims everywhere:

The Middle East, the US and the West, Islamic
State recruits Muslims world-wide over the ‘net
& directs them to attack, claiming it's right to
murder infidels: Trump's 90-day ban on entry
from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan

And Yemen, is insufficient to quell the threat
in America repressed by the politically correct,
‘Virtual terrorism' under ISIS might become
even more deadly in the future and -
- what shall we do then?

Thursday, February 9, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: politics,terrorism
Spock The Vegan 09 February 2017

Thank you for this poem. Trump's 90-day ban was put on hold by a judge who had no authority to do it. The fight is getting nasty. I fear it will get worse. The losing party is doing everything it can to prove it is useful, to no avail.

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Lucas Cousin Tuka 09 February 2017

Mrs Margaret Alice, I Cherish your write up so much, your write up is too different among the rest, and it deals with the life of humanity at large.YOu make it clear of what people are going through in the hands of terrorists all over the globe, nice and reality poem, thanks

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