What The World Requires Poem by Pushkar Bisht

What The World Requires

The history knows,
What have we contributed
To this world?
We have invited the war
Many times
And hatred at every moment,
Bringing everyone's life
To the terrible death
And the destruction of love
From equal parts to ashes.
Two tears in world eyes
We have seen several times,
But again the organizations
We established everywhere,
Refusing to help anybody
When they are fighting
For their own rights.
We are still unable to contribute
Anything whatever we have,
We are working for ourselves,
But what about my poor friends?
Can we give what the world requires from us?

Saturday, April 11, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: world
Jayantilal H Gosrani 10 June 2020

Beautiful 10

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Preeti 11 June 2020

Mam you have described each and every mudra so beautifully.

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Tomy Joseph 10 June 2020

Here is communication of the highest level of human intellect ,sound and words disapper to mudras

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Ankush 10 June 2020

Such a beautiful poem. I’m so lucky to learn from you..

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Mangeish kharat 10 June 2020

Beautiful 🙏🌷

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Mangeish kharat 10 June 2020

🙏 Beautiful

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Pushkar Bisht

Pushkar Bisht

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