Don’t Be Sad My Friend Poem by Pushkar Bisht

Don’t Be Sad My Friend

Don’t be sad my friend,
Miles away I am from you,
But I am still close to you,
Give me all your valuable pearls of tear,
And take all my happiness, My friend

How can you forget the moment?
I promised you,
When you will be in a big trouble,
You will confide it to me without any hesitation,
I give you my assistance as I can,
To take your sorrow away from your life

I can’t see your sad face,
That hurts not me but my heart,
You are crying,
You don’t show me your deep trouble
But I can feel that well

Why do you stand alone?
Don’t forget me that I am beside you
How can I remain happy?
When you are so much sad

I can live all my life in dark for your sake,
But I keep you in light all your life
And if you feel pain
I will have your pain happily
But I will make you smile
And I cry in pain for your bright life,

Let me sit close to you,
Let me see your sad face,
Let me wipe out your tears,
Let me hug and kiss you,

You are not my friend,
You are my soul of my life,
Who fought for me
Against all my troubles

It’s my turn for you now, my friend
I won’t ever forgive me,
If I could not take you out of this tough situation
I will live my life,
But a life full of pressure and burden.


Pushkar Bisht

Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
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